Company “Granum Trade” was founded in 2012  and  rapidly growing company with modern production technology and packaging of high quality, organic cereals and cereal products as well as packaging of legumes with application of modern European technologies.

Our company is located in the granary of Russia - Krasnodar.

Our technology - one of the leaders among the world's technology at this level. Our production line has all the necessary equipment to bring the final product to premium, luxury and premium brands. We pay great attention to aesthetic perception, and therefore our products are original logo design and packaging. Our products are packed in 600-800-3000 grams, and as an option in polypropylene bags of 5, 10 and 25 kg. ®


Modern technology
of production and packaging of cereals!

350063, Russian Federation,
Krasnodar sity, Mitrofana Sedina Street, No: 6.

E-mail: granumtrade@gmail.com

From the field, to your table!